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The Company

IZAZI is a consulting engineering firm offering services in mechanical, electrical and wet services engineering disciplines.  It conducts its business on a partnership basis with its clients, based on mutual trust, respect and honesty.  It is committed to use all its resources to deliver an excellent service.  The company is based in Randburg, Gauteng.
To provide its Clients with a cost‑effective, quality and on‑time service by delivering relevant technically advanced and economically viable solutions for their Clients’ evolving developmental needs. Continuously improving their resources and design processes so that they are up-to‑date with the fast changing world of technology.  Nurturing and developing their employees through training and development programmes that will contribute positively to their personal advancement, the engineering profession, and society as a whole.  Forming joint ventures and pledging unity of service with other professional firms where called for in best interest of their clients.
The Company is owned by two directors: Stanley Salida, who heads the electrical engineering section of the practice, as well as Trinesh Chanka who heads the mechanical engineering section.
Each director holds 50% of the issued shares.  Trinesh is a registered Professional Engineer and Stanley is registered as a Professional Technologist.  Both are actively involved in the day to day operation of the practice.
As a product of black economic empowerment itself, IZAZI has adopted a policy of employing previously disadvantaged individuals and developing their careers and abilities with assistance from experienced PDI and non-PDI staff. This strategy is adopted to meet the company’s very strong commitment to the maintenance of high professional standards. 
IZAZI is rated as a Level 1 Contributor. The Company is noted as a Value Adding Enterprise with a Procurement Recognition Level of 125%.
The mission of IZAZI is clear-cut, and its standards are high. It has prepared and proven itself for work that is challenging, demanding, and as diverse as the multifaceted environment of Africa.
In the execution thereof, its mission is to develop the vast talent available amongst the previously disadvantaged members of the population.  IZAZI was established in May 1997, and its ability to meet Client's requirements over a wide spectrum of services is assured through the staff it employs.
The firm has built up an impressive track record in a relatively short period of time.  IZAZI has been a member of Consulting Engineers South Africa (CESA), formerly known as the South African Association of Consulting Engineers, since 2004.
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